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Policies and Billing

Pediatric Partners is a preferred provider for most insurance companies.  We will, as a courtesy, file our charges to your insurance.


Please remember that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company.  In the event that there are charges that are denied or dropped, we ask you that you contact your insurance company first.


All insurance policies are different and we cannot know exactly what is covered by your particular insurance plan.  Therefore, we encourage all of our patients to read their insurance policy or check with their HR department at their place of employment to be familiar with what a covered service is and what not a covered service is.


Our expectations of you as a patient in regards to payment:

1. Present your insurance card with EVERY visit to ensure that

    we have the most recent card on file

2. Inform us of ANY changes to your policy, i.e. “well checks”

    are no longer covered

3. Pay ALL Co-Pays on date of service to alleviate unnecessary

    billing on our part, which in turn lowers your costs

4. Make consistent monthly payments on any balances due.


Pediatric Partners has “family billing” plan.  This allows us to send only one bill for an entire family, unless you specifically ask for separate billing for your children.


A single bill will be sent to the parent/guardian listed as the “responsible party.” We will not under any circumstance send out a separate or partial bill to anyone not listed as the “responsible party.”


If you have questions regarding your statement please call our billing office Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm at 402-753-2900.